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Chapter Books for 3rd Graders

This list (click link to add to your Google Docs account) is useful if you are homeschooling an advanced 2nd grader or have 3rd-4th grade kids.  When used in combination with literature units on edhelper.com (subscription needed, $19.95 a year) you can create stress free lesson plans for each book. Each unit study has word walls, chapter reviews, vocabulary puzzles, writing prompts, extended activites and more.

3rdGradechapterbooks <— click to download pdf version of the list

3rd Grade Chapter Books/Novels

• Adler chapter books • Adler, David – Cam Jansen series • Aliki Mummies Made in Egypt • American Girl books by Porter, Shaw, Tripp • Armstrong Patrick Doyle is Full of Blarney • Atwater Mr. Popper’s Penguins • Avi, “S.O.R. Losers” by Avi (some of Avi’s other titles might be good too!) • Babbit, Natalie Tuck Everlasting • Ballard, Robert Exploring The Titanic • Baylor, Byrd I’m In Charge of Celebrations • Beatty, Be Ever Hopeful,Hannalee • Beatty, Turn Homeward Hannalee • Berenstain, The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Missing Merit Badges (Berenstain Bear Scouts Merit Badge Mystery) • Betancourt, Pony Pals • Blume, Judy Superfudge • Blume, Judy Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing • Blume, Judy. Freckle Juice • Bonsell, Crobsy. The Private Eyes Club • Brink, Carol Caddie Woodlawn • Brown, Flat Stanley • Brown, Marc. Arthur Accused! (Arthur Adventures Series , No 5) • Bryant, Pony Tails • Buck, Pearl S The Wave • Bulla • Bunting.,. Eve. The In-Between Days • Burnett, Francis The Secret Garden • Butterworth The Enormous Egg • Byars, Betsy books esp. Trouble River and the Blossom Family Series (starting with The Not Just Anybody Family • Cameron, Ann. Julian, Dream Doctor (and a couple of other Julian stories) Berenstain Bears chapter books • Cameron. Flight to the Mushroom Plane t• Catling, Patrick The Chocolate Touch • Charbonnet, Gabrielle. Snakes Are Nothing to Sneeze At • Chew, Ruth • Choe, Sook Nyul. The Best Older Sister • Christopher, Matt • Christopher, Matt. The Captain Contest (Soccer Cats, #1.) • Christopher, Matt. The Catcher’s Mask (Peach Street Mudders Story) • Cisneros, Sandra Woman Hollering Creek • Cleary Ramona the Pest (funny) • Cleary, Beverly Dear Mr.. Hensaw h• Cleary, Beverly Henry Huggins • Cleary, Beverly (Ramona, etc.) • Clifford, Eth Help! I’m A Prisoner In The Library • Coerr, Eleanor Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes • Conford, Ellen – Nibble, Nibble, Jenny Archer (and other Jenny Archer books) • Conford, Jenny Archer • Cosgrove, Serendipity Series • Coville – Space Brats • Cuyler Weird Wolf • Cuyler, Margery has several such as Weird Wolf • Cylmer, Eleanor. The Spider the Cave and the Pottery Bowl • Dadey, Debbie. Bailey School Kids series is popular with second and third graders. • Dadey, Debbie. Triplet Trouble • Dahl, Roald (Georges Marvelous Medicine, Esio Trot, The Magic Finger, are younger books) • Dahl, Ronald Charlie And The Chocolate Factory • Dahl, Ronald James And The Giant Peach • Dahl, Ronald Matilda • Dalgliesh, Alice. The Courage of Sarh Noble and also The Bears on Hemlock Mountain • Danziger, Paula. Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon • Danziger, Paula. Amber Brown books • Deary, Terry. Calamity Kate and another one The Lambton Worm • DeClements, Barthe • DeFelice, Devil’s Bridge • Delton, Judy, Pee Wee Scouts series • Dixon, Frank. Hardy Boy series • Duffey, Betsy – Math Wiz, Gadget War, and mos of her other books t• Duffey, Betsy. The Camp Knock Knock Mystery • Erickson, Hank the Cowdog series • Estes, Eleanor The Hundred Dresses • Fleischman, Sid The thirteenth floor. • Fleisshman, Paul Joyful Noise • Fritz, Jean. The Cabin Faced West • Fritz, Jean George Washington’s Breakfast • Gannett – My Father’s Dragon • Gardiner Top Secret (same author as Stone Fox) • Gardiner, John Stone Fox • George, Jean y Side Of THe Mountain M• Giff, Partricia Reilly • Giff, Patricia Reilly, Kids of Polk Street School (December secrets etc.) • Giff, Patricia Reilly. Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs • Giff, Patricia Reilly. Polk Street School books • Greenburg, Dan. The Zach Files series • Greenfield, Eloise African Dream • Greenfield, Eloise Childtimes • Gutman Honus and Me and The Dollar Shot • Gutman, Dan “Tales From the Sandlot” series • Herman, Charlotte – the “Max Malone” titles • Hesse, Sable • Hilert, Margaret • Hiller, Rent a Third Grader • Hinton, S. E. The Puppy Sister. It’s not standard fare, but it is great for laughs. • Hoban, Lilliam series about Russell • Hoobler, Dorothy. My Next Stop, Freedom • Howe, James. Bunnicula books • Hughes The Iron Giant (grades 3-4) • Hurwitz – Aldo books • Hurwitz, Johana Class President • Hurwitz, Johanna • King-Smith, Dick. Genius, the Amazing Guinea Pig • King-Smith, Dick. Babe • Kline, Susy • Kline, Suzy – Herbie Jones and Horrible Harry books • Kline, Suzy. _Horrible Harry_ series. • Korman, Gordon • Korman, Gordon. Nose-Pickers from Outer Space • Landon, Lucinda. Meg Mackintosh series; • Leverich, Kathleen. Best Enemies series • Levy, Elizabeth. “Something Queer” series, as well as her other short chapter • Levy, Elizabeth. The moster series (Dracula is a pain in the neck- Gorgonzola Zombies in the Park…etc.) • Lewis, The Cul-de-sac Kids • Lindgren, Astrid Pippi Longstocking • Lobel, Arnold (Frog and Toad) • Lord, Betty In The Year OF The Boar Jackie Robinson • Lowry, Lois Number The Stars • Lowry, Lois. Anastasia Krupnick books, particulary the ones about her brother Sam. • MacDonald, Betty. Mrs Piggle Wiggle’s series • MacLachlan, Patricia Sarah Plain And Tall • Manes, Stephen. books such as Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days and others; MacLachlan, Patricia Seven Kisses in a Row • Martin, Ann Babysitters Club • Martin, Ann, Baby-Sitters Younger sister series • Mathis, Sharon Bell Hundred Penny Box • McCloskey, Robert Homer Price • McGovern Shark Lady • Miller, Sara Swan. Better Than TV • Moskin Day of the Blizzard • Myers, Earthquake in the Third Grade • Naidoo, Beverly Journey To Jo’burg • Naylor, Phyllis. the Shiloh books • Osborne, The Magic Treehouse Series • Parish, Peggy (Amelia Bedilia books) • Park Operation Dump the Chump • Park, Barbara. Junie B. Jones & the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake #5 • Park, Barbara. The Junie B. Jones series • Paterson Katherine The Great Gilly Hopkins • Paulsen, Gary Nightjohn • Peterson, The Littles series • Pilkey – The Adventures of Captain Underpants • Pinkwater Blue Moose and Return of the Moose • Poploff, Michelle. Bat Bones and Spider Stew • Prelutsky, Jack Pizza The Size Of The Sun • Reid Bands The Indian in the Cupboard • Rockwell How to Eat Fried Worms • Roy, Ron. A to Z Mysteries Series • Ryland, Cynthia (her Henry and Mudge books are a favorite) • Rylant, Cynthia Missing Ma y• Sachar – Wayside School Series • Sachar(sp?) Holes, Theres a boy in the girls bathroom. • Sachar, Louis. Marvin Redpost series (probably 6-10 titles) • Sargent, Dave and Pat. a series of animal stories • Scieszka, Jon. Time Warp Trio • Sewell, Anna BlackBeauty • Sharmat, Nate the Great • Shemin The Little Riders • Shreve, Susan The Flunking Of Joshua T. Bates • Silverstein, Shel The Light In The Atti c• Skurzynski Lost in the Devil’s Desert • Smith Jelly Belly (funny) • Smith, Janice Lee. Adam Joshua series beginning with The Monster in the Third Dresser Drawer • Sobol, Donald Encyclopedia Brown Series • Spedden Polar the Titanic Bear • Spinelli, The Bathwater Gang • Steptoe, John Mufao’s Beautiful Daughters r• Stine, R.L. Goosebumps • Strange Case of the Elevator Duck • Strasser, Todd. Help I’m trapped in… series • Szeika, Jon. The Knights of the Kitchen Table, and a couple more in that series • Taylor, Mississippi Bridge • The American Girls series • Van Allsburg The Stranger (one sitting, read in October) • Walter, Justin and the best Biscuits • Warner, Gertrude – The Boxcar Children series • Warner, Gertrude Chandler, Boxca Children series r• White, E.B. Charlotte’s Web • White, Stuart Little • Wilder, Laura Ingalls The Little House On The Prairie • Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little House Books • Williams, Velveteen Rabbit • Wilson, Nancy Hope. Old People, Frogs & Albert • Wisler, Mr. Lincoln’s Drummer • Wisniwski,David The Golem • Woodruff George Washington’s Socks • Wright, Betty Ren. The Ghost Witch • Yolen Letting Swift River Go (one sitting, historical fiction)


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Hi, I'm April Momma. I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 awesome kids and like all moms I wear multiple hats. Most days I'd like to think I wear all of them well at all times but that's a joke. I get by the best I can and that's the truth. Aside from being a mother I am a wife, pretty good cook, good intermediate seamstress, musician, music lover and blogger.


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About 2AprilKids Momma

Hi, I'm April Momma. I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 awesome kids and like all moms I wear multiple hats. Most days I'd like to think I wear all of them well at all times but that's a joke. I get by the best I can and that's the truth. Aside from being a mother I am a wife, pretty good cook, good intermediate seamstress, musician, music lover and blogger.

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