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Top Ten Happenings in My Family 2014

I’ve recently decided to bite the bullet and post something everyday. Even if it is just a “Wordless Wednesday” picture something new will be put on the blog at least once a day. To get a little help with this I like to try the WordPress Daily Post, a daily writing prompt to get WordPress … Continue reading

It’s Halloween Week!

Halloween Week is is finally here and for us that means a week off from school and nothing but rest, fun, hay rides, crafts and of course a little candy. Through out the month the munchkins and I have been doing little things to get in the Fall mood. Earlier this month we made some … Continue reading

Spiderman and Poprocks

Sometimes families need some goofy time. That time when you let your hair down and get crazy for no reason. This morning it was the Cha Cha slide in the living room (courtesy of YouTube). After lunch it was pop rocks time. Topher rarely shows a dislike of any candy or food item. Today he … Continue reading

Sleeping Without Momma

So my Baby Dude will be 11 months old next week. He still loves to have a bottle and snuggles with Momma when he is sleepy. Don’t get me wrong. I love this cuddle time. He’s so active now, it’s the only time I get to hold him for an extended period of time. On … Continue reading

Blog Resurrection

Since the Baby Dude got here I have seriously neglected my blog. Between his acid reflux, teething, homeschooling a bright seven year old, making diapers, doing laundry, etc. it’s hard to find time to sit down and blog. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but I’m going to get back on the blogging saddle. … Continue reading

Parenting Fears

Yeah, the title is what it is. We all have them, admit it. What do you consider yourself? A good parent, a bad parent, a clueless parent who parents on the seat of their pants, or a good parent who is always in need of a little work. That last one right there, that’s me. … Continue reading

Originally posted on Edward Lorn:
Dear Christopher, Hello Chris, my name is Edward. I am writing this letter because I am a large part of your father’s life. At his behest, I am to tell you a little about what to expect upon your birth and the subsequent life you will have afterward. I articulate…

Sewing and Thinking

Currently manning the sewing machine, working Christopher’s first homemade cloth diapers. Hoping they turn out the way I want. As I sit I wonder what he’s going to look like, what he’ll be interested in, what his sense of humor will be like. If he is anything like Autumn he will be funny with a … Continue reading

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Hi, I'm April Momma. I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 awesome kids and like all moms I wear multiple hats. Most days I'd like to think I wear all of them well at all times but that's a joke. I get by the best I can and that's the truth. Aside from being a mother I am a wife, pretty good cook, good intermediate seamstress, musician, music lover and blogger.