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Homeschool Meal Planning & Pepperplate Review

This post is a draft I’ve had for awhile and is great in response to the WordPress Daily Post: “Leftovers Sandwich“. I was originally going to write this post as two seperate posts but after deciding that the two really go hand in hand I decided to go long form and wrap them together. Now it is seeing … Continue reading

Shrimp Scampi – Quick and Easy

For the last couple of months I have been cooking up a storm. I am currently on a mission to serve my family more real food for less. To top it off I am also trying to make recipes that are quick and easy. Tonight I served shrimp scampi and it was a hit. The … Continue reading

My 3 Day Binge…Intro to Couponing

That’s right for 3 days between my usual mom duties, homeschool, and trying to make time for myself I binged on learning how to coupon. My husband and I had tried it before and had some small success but this time I was thinking on a much bigger scale. I read numerous “Intro to Couponing/Extreme … Continue reading

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Hi, I'm April Momma. I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 awesome kids and like all moms I wear multiple hats. Most days I'd like to think I wear all of them well at all times but that's a joke. I get by the best I can and that's the truth. Aside from being a mother I am a wife, pretty good cook, good intermediate seamstress, musician, music lover and blogger.